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Sheep skin

Want to brighten up your living room or work space? Give it an extra touch and make it more comfy? These Sheep Skins are handmade, unique and made with tons of craftmanship. If you would like one of these for your home or office. Contact us to receive a price quote.

Wall art

Explore our unique Wall Art pieces. These designs are custom made for you to make your walls speak louder than words. Want to get your piece tailor made? Contact us! We'll happily help you!

Objects & Other

Discover our one of a kind objects and other unique accessories. Every piece is going through different fases, using several techniques and stands by its craftsmanship.

Sneak behind the scenes.

Want an insight on what Sabine has been up to lately? Follow her on Instagram and get regular updates on her most recent work, behind the scenes footage and pieces of art you can't miss out on.

Tailor made.

Have something to commemorate? A perfect moment that has to be captured in a beautiful piece of art? Want a special and unique gift for someone special? Sabine gladly helps you create a complete custom made painting to celebrate, memorize or express.

- Philosophy -

State of being.

Sprituality or reality, my fantasy world and my freedom. When I am painting, I am in a meditative state of mind (which is called “a chi kung state of mind”). That is when I feel most balanced. I am in control of my energy, from which I can move slowly and transfer it into flowing movements. A combination of energetic movements, a coherence of strength and softness, with all kinds of materials such as acrylic and charcoal.

- Sabine Maes

Meet Bob.

This is Bob a.k.a. Bobster. He is Sabine's loyal companion. Next to functioning as head of quality control, Bob is thé house model. Further on - let's face it, Bob - he masters the art of napping while Sabine is working quite perfectly.

All about Sabine

The story behind the artist. Driven, passionate but above all pure in crafts(wo)manship. Plunge into the story of how Sabine pushed the enveloppe and created her own art collection.

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